From Globalization to Nationalization

Olé, Olé sang the voices

And everyone thought they would have more choices,
Countries lifted their trade barriers,
And suddenly, there was more work for the international carriers.

Thus, began the sharing of resources,
And the nations had to deal with more economic forces.
Not only goods, but people, capital and information also travelled,
In alien countries, they unravelled. 

And the tourism industry started to boom,
No longer were the tour guides in gloom.
Harvard, Yale and stanford started getting more enrolments,
And the students from low income countries started getting their desired placements.

The MNCs now had new markets,
And the job seekers got more chances.
And so Everyone was happy with the situation,

But then stuck a realisation. 

Not only was the balance of payments in negative,
But the loss of jobs in the homeland was imperative.
The citizens after a long wait started getting restless,
And hence, there was no place; no place that the migrants felt was harmless.

Not wasting any time, the ‘developed ones’ took a decision,
And Soon after, the borders were closed down with the utmost precision.
Goodbye, they said to Globalization
And this is how began the wave of Nationalization.

PS:- The poem is centered around the current wave of nationalization and the populist movements that has taken over the world, including  western countries such as the United Kingdom, The USA and certain other parts of Europe.

Darpan Jain