Choosing CBS:- The Road less travelled by..



Born and brought up in East Delhi, I usually wandered around the streets of Karkardooma, Vivek Vihar and the not so posh area of Jhilmil where taking your own four wheeler was a horrifying nightmare. And hence, I used to gear up my Hero Maestro, cut through lanes, pass the Leela mesmerized by its beautiful structure, a structure that was very hard to find anywhere near East Delhi and enter the bustling area of Jhilmil trying to differentiate one street from another in order to reach my destination, the destination being my place of fun, my cousin’s house! Little did I know that sandwiched between the Leela and the hugely difficult to pass through streets of Jhilmil stood a college, a college operating out of a government school building. It was around 2 years back, in June 2015 that I got to know which college I had seen, a college that was more difficult to get into than the overcrowded streets of Jhilmil, the only difference being that here only people who had a Lamborghinious mind would enter, people who stood out from the rest, unlike my Hero Maestro. I knew that a year later, after completing my 12th, I would again be out in the streets of Jhilmil, but little did I know that this time the destination would be different, the destination would be something I dreamt of; dreamt of for my career, not for fun ( like I did for my cousin’s place), that the destination would be that same college, and that I would realize that Lamborghini could be my cup of tea.

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies or CBS as it is popularly ( or not so popularly) known has made a huge name for itself in the field of management in a very short period of time. The college completes 30 years of existence this year (2017). The college is the go to college for every management aspirant and with a meagre 250-300 seats for its two coveted courses, BMS and BBA(FIA), students who get through the college rightly are the Lamborghinis of the country. I knew none of this, but as every 12th standard kid does, I researched to find my prospective colleges. Various names appeared, including top north campus colleges best for commerce education and various private institutes which conduct their own entrances. However, one routine day when I visited my maternal grandparents’ house, the usual college talk started and it was in the midst of this talk that I heard the name CBS. Barely covered by newspapers that focus on sky-high cut offs, CBS was quietly making its name as a professional college which accepted students on the basis of an entrance. When I met my fellow colleagues at CBS the lack of media attention for the college was highlighted by the fact that a very few number of students’ parents knew about CBS. But again, this was a perk of being a Yamuna Paari, my whole family knew about CBS and it was courtesy them that I had this dream of getting into it.


A whole year passed, Boards were done and the results came. I had done well, in fact pretty well. But, I was not satisfied. My dream was to crack JAT and get into CBS. I had this certain feeling, a feeling of accomplishment, of pride that I got just from the name, SHAHEED SUKHDEV COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STUDIES. I had googled about the college everyday during my 12th, certainly more than what I had ever googled about the other Shaheed Sukhdev, the legendary freedom fighter. And hence the preparation for the entrance started. The day came, 20th June when I had to showcase whether I was capable enough to get into the college I dreamt about. The entrance went well, and all I waited for were the results. Meanwhile, I had cracked every North campus college, Even the very best. I took admission in the top commerce college of the country, but at the back of my mind was the anxiety, the nervousness of the JAT results, which not many would experience after cracking the topmost commerce college of the country.  But then the day came, it was 18th July, The JAT results were out, and I had got a decent rank, a rank I knew was enough to get me into the college I dreamt about. I consulted many people whether to go for CBS or the other college I had gotten into, and most had conflicting viewpoints portraying merits and demerits of both. But, finally I chose. I chose learning and development over North Campus life, I chose good academics and brilliant society exposure over the best fest. I chose to create a legacy instead of following an already existing one. I chose my dream. I chose CBS. It might have been a difficult, almost stupid decision for many, but then I knew. I knew following one’s dreams was not stupid.

It’s been a year since that decision, and there’s not been a day that I have regretted the decision. All the merits that people said have turned out to be true. The excellent faculty and the competitive society culture really develops you. It develops you to grow from a Lamborghini to a Boeing, a Boeing that has all the sky to itself, a Boeing that can scale massive heights, a Boeing that does not ply on busy roads, but in a free sky waiting to be conquered.

And now, I am ready for an ever better  experience, an experience that will lead me to another side of Delhi; to Rohini, our new campus.