A Tribute To India’s Wall:- Rahul Dravid. 

The Wickets were falling,

And the scoreboard was crawling,

It was Australia who were beating us,

And everybody was ready to board the team bus.

Mcgrath, Lee and Gillespie were aiming for the heads, 

No one could sleep easily in their beds.

Warne and Macgill were making us dance,

 No one believed we had a chance.

But then Came in a lean batsman, 

And he proved to be our batman.

Though we were not The Gotham City,

 and he certainly not Christian Bale,

But as he played Aussies faces’ started turning pale.

And he batted, and batted, and batted forever, 

And everyone started believing in the endeavour.

It was courtesy he that we won,

And against a mighty Australia it certainly was our first one.

It was sad to see him in the shadows Of the Master Blaster,

But deep inside we know, He was the pivot to our Coaster.

And then the Aussies said that they had the greatest team of them all,

Back went an echoing reply that we had something else, Dravid:- The Wall

PS:- This poem is dedicated to Rahul Dravid’s 180 run innings against Austraila at the Eden Gardens, which helped India save the test match even after following on with a deficit of 274 runs. 

-Darpan Jain


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