Love Hurts


Love hurts,
it makes the life worst.
It is considered neccessity of earth,
because of it one forgets life’s worth.
It turns life into sin,
and it gulps everything.
It seems innocent at its birth,
but soon changes into a monster.
It makes you hate your life,
and stabs you with knives.
It is a happiness which brings sorrow,
not today then tommorrow.
It depresses, causes tension.
It kills in a way no one can imagine.
It can never be trusted, it is very clever,
it is a devil’s book with holy cover.
It rusts the heart.
It is a demons art.
It is a devil inside the body of angel.
It is a life taking thing without the sign of danger.
It stops working of one’s mind and heart.
It’s not only blind but deaf.
It makes you forget even how to breath.
Love hurts it makes your life worst….

P.S. artwork and poem by Mohini Bindal