Book Review:- THE DA VINCI CODE.

The Da Vinci Code is essentially a fictional portrayal of the predominant issue of the history of Christianity and the sacred feminine. The book, authored by Dan Brown is a wonderfully written mystery, detective thriller that Revolves around finding out what truly the Holy grail is and where is it currently located. The book also reveals about a secret society named the Priory of Sion, formed in the 11th century which as claimed by Brown, has certain documents indicating the true nature of the grail. The novel makes various claims such as the grail not being a chalice, but a women named Mary Magdalene, who allegedly was Jesus’ wife and carried her bloodline which continues till date. The name Da Vinci Code indicates about the fictional plot of the novel, in which the curator of the Louvre museum, Jacques Sauniere is killed by an albino, apparently which appears to be sent by the Opus Dei, a Christian catholic church,  in order to find the priory documents and stop them from releasing the alleged truth of the grail to the world. Sauniere, before dying realises that he needs to pass on the truth to a person who would continue the secret of the priory as he will be dead soon and all three senechaux, I.e the people who know about the grail are already dead. Hence, sauniere draws a Vitruvian man, the famous painting of Da Vinci, on the floor where he dies along with a code written beside it. The encrypted code brings her daughter Sophie, a part of the French Judicial Police’s cryptology department into the mix of the case, along with the last line being, “PS, Find Robert Langdon”, Langdon being a famous author who studies symbols and the grail. Sophie finds Langdon and saves him from the grasp of the French Judicial police, who linked Langdon to the murder of Sauniere because his name was mentioned in the code.  Sophie and Langdon then go on a mission to solve Sauniere’s code and get to the bottom of his secret, later discovering that he was the grandmaster of the priory and the code written by him was a key to finding the holy grail. During their hunt for the grail, Both Sophie and Langdon overcome numerous hurdles, including overcoming the threat of Leigh Teabing towards the end, the man who they approached to help them find the grail. 

Our Take:- Not revealing too much about the novel which obviously will destroy the mystery plot of the book, I would say the book is  well written and would interest both people who like mystery fiction as well as people who like conspiracy theories with the conspiracy in this novel being the true nature of grail. 
Everything mentioned in the novel is claimed to be true and factual by Brown ( except the fictional plot) and hence, has drawn criticism from the church as well as several others. 

All in all, its a good read and people interested in knowledge gaining along with an appetite of being entertained by a mystery plot should definitely go through the book. 

Darpan Jain



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